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“De-Wipe – Decontamination Wipes and Hair & Body Wash that help reduce health risks”

“De-Wipe – Decontamination Wipes and Hair & Body Wash that help reduce health risks”

Recent research has brought to light an alarming increase in cancer risks among firefighters, emphasizing the need for a comprehensive approach to preventing contamination during and after fire-related incidents. In 2018, The University of Central Lancashire (UCLAN) conducted a groundbreaking study that revealed a crucial discovery: skin absorption, not inhalation, is the primary cause of exposure to carcinogenic gases during fires. Firefighters face an elevated risk of cancer due to their exposure to products like polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) generated during fires.

This revelation has prompted a renewed focus on immediate and thorough decontamination of personal protective clothing, equipment, and workspaces, such as vehicle cabs and stations, which are found to be contaminated by PAHs, as confirmed by the UCLAN study. The focus should not be limited to firefighters but should also include all emergency responders and even non-emergency responders attending operational incidents or dealing with the aftermath of fires.

The UCLAN study’s findings are clear: PAHs can be transferred to surfaces on equipment, inside vehicles, and even buildings. This broadens the scope of concern to include all agencies attending fire-related incidents. This encompasses not just firefighters but anyone who enters affected areas to assist casualties, dampen down fires, conduct post-fire forensic investigations, or assess structural integrity when a building is involved. In essence, this extends to all stakeholders, including local authority agencies, specialists, and private contractors. Recognizing this risk, the ability to safely, quickly, and easily remove contaminants on the scene becomes paramount.

“Why You Should Choose De-Wipe Decontamination Wipes Over Regular Everyday Wipes”

De-Wipe offers a scientifically formulated solution to eliminate the risk of carcinogens and bacteria. Its key ingredient, proactive compounds, acts as a defence against hydrocarbons like soot and dirt. Specifically designed to reduce the risk from areas like the wrist, hands, face, ears, jaw, and around the neck and throat, De-Wipe can also be used to decontaminate other areas affected by fires.

You might wonder why not use standard alcohol-based wipes for decontamination. While these wipes are effective against germs and bacteria, they fall short when it comes to removing carcinogenic pollutants absorbed through the skin. In fact, alcohol can open up pores, increasing the risk of absorption. De-Wipe decontamination wipes, on the other hand, are designed to be an integral part of your decontamination procedure, specifically crafted to eliminate pollutants from the skin, reducing the risk of occupational diseases and cancer. Dermatologically tested and safe for use on hands, face, arms, neck, and ears immediately after exposure, De-Wipe is the answer to reducing the risk of occupational cancer.

De-Wipe extends its commitment to safety with the De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash, harnessing the same cancer-fighting power as their scientifically proven after-fire wipes. This solution is scientifically formulated to wash away carcinogenic toxins present in soot and smoke from your hair, scalp, and body. The result is a clean, invigorated, and odour-free experience.
Unlike everyday shampoo and shower gel that leave you feeling clean on the surface, they can’t remove harmful carcinogens that cling to your hair and skin. De-Wipe worked in collaboration with leading toxicology professors at Manchester Metropolitan University to develop the UK’s first and only scientifically proven after-fire decontamination wipe. This technology acts like a magnet, drawing contaminants away from surfaces and trapping them permanently, preventing their entry into the body.

In the face of increasing awareness of the connection between exposure to harmful chemicals and cancer, De-Wipe offers a comprehensive solution to the risks posed by contamination during and after fire-related incidents. By choosing De-Wipe and the De-Wipe Hair & Body Wash, responders and individuals alike can enhance their safety and ensure that they leave behind the risks associated with carcinogenic toxins, preserving their well-being and peace of mind.