Decon7: The Ultimate Decontamination Solution

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Decon7 Systems, takes pride on being a leading provider of cutting-edge decontamination solutions.

With a commitment to safety, effectiveness, and versatility, we offer a range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of industries ranging from healthcare and laboratories to public spaces and disaster cleanup.

D7 delivers a powerful and effective decontaminant, disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner, and deodorizer for various applications in various industries, from the military and first responders to food and biosecurity. Its unique properties make D7 easy to use while providing the punch you need to eliminate the toughest microorganism challenges – including biofilms.
Initially developed for the military to combat bio and chemical terrorism, but due to the adaptability and effectiveness, the uses grew to cover a wide range of industries worldwide.

D7 is a powerful, patented decontaminate and cleaning solution that neutralizes both biological and chemical contaminants. Originally developed to counter biochemical threats to national security, D7 today is utilized in a variety of military, defense, and public safety applications. D7 tackles the toughest contamination challenges, neutralizing toxic and/or deadly chemicals, bacteria, and viruses within minutes.

Various sectors Decon7 is used in:

  • Healthcare Facilities: Decon7 is utilized in hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities for thorough decontamination of surfaces, medical equipment, and environments to prevent the spread of infections.

  • Laboratories: Laboratories handling dangerous pathogens and chemicals rely on Decon7 for safe and comprehensive decontamination to protect personnel and maintain a sterile working environment.

  • Public Spaces: Combat the spread of infections in schools, airports, and public transportation, fitness facilities, offices, and homes.

  • Emergency Response: Ideal for first responders dealing with hazardous materials or chemical spills, Decon7 delivers a quick and effective solution to neutralize threats and minimize their impact.

  • Military: With its military-grade performance, Decon7 is used by military and defense agencies for decontamination in situations that demand precision and reliability.
  • Food Processing Industry: In the food processing industry, Decon7 plays a crucial role in ensuring food safety by effectively sanitizing equipment and environments, preventing contamination risks.

  • Biosecurity: It is employed in biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms and maintain a secure environment in facilities dealing with sensitive biological materials.
  • Disaster Cleanup: In the aftermath of natural disasters, Decon7 is used to decontaminate affected areas and prevent the spread of contaminants, contributing to the overall cleanup efforts.

The Benefits of Decon7:

  • Efficacy: Our multi-pronged approach ensures thorough neutralization of contaminants, reducing the risk of infection or chemical exposure.

  • Safety Priority: Designed with user and environmental safety in mind, Decon7 prioritizes effectiveness without compromising on safety, making it a reliable choice for professionals in different fields.

  • Versatility: From healthcare to disaster cleanup, our products are versatile and suitable for various industries and scenarios.

  • Peace of Mind: Regular use of Decon7 provides peace of mind, knowing that the environment is not only clean but also safer for individuals, whether in a healthcare setting, laboratory, or public space.

  • Thorough Decontamination: Decon7 offers a multi-step approach that ensures the thorough decontamination of surfaces, equipment, and environments, reducing the risk of infections and exposure to harmful substances.

  • Efficacy Against Biofilms: Decon7’s unique properties make it effective against biofilms, providing a comprehensive solution for eliminating tough microorganism challenges in diverse settings.

  • Military-Grade Performance: With applications in the military, Decon7 reflects a high-performance standard, making it a trusted choice for situations that demand precision and reliability.

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D7 Solutions

Available in various sizes, the Decon7 solution serves as a potent and efficient disinfectant, decontaminant, sanitizer, cleaner, and deodorizer. Ideal for diverse applications across industries, from the military to first responders and biosecurity, D7 effectively combats microorganisms and biofilms.

Decon7 BDAS+ Spray 426x600


Decon7's tactical BDAS+ will neutralize harmful VOC, chemical & biological warfare agents, bodily fluids, bacteria, and viruses. Chemistry is applicable and efficacious on multiple surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, wood, steel, aluminum, ceramic, carpet, fabrics, leather, and more.

Decon7 Foaming hand sanitizer 600x480

D7 Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Decon7's Hand Sanitizer delivers rapid and robust germ-killing in just 15 seconds, outperforming alcohol-based alternatives. Non-flammability, quick drying, and a skin-friendly, odor-free experience, making it ideal for professionals requiring frequent applications, ensuring consistent efficacy and enhanced user comfort.

Decon7 in a pressure sprayer 337x600

Application Tools

Mixing machines, foggers, sprayers, foaming backpacks, foaming carts, electrostatic sprayers, hand sanitizer dispensers, etc.