High-angle Rescue Rope and Equipment Inspecting and Cleaning

Anytime you work at heights, your rope, harness, and equipment must be in peak condition.

Whether it is life-safety ropes, harnesses, and equipment for High-angle Rescues, Rope Access work, or fall protection requirements, all items must be in excellent condition (clean and undamaged).  Standards that need to be followed can be CAN / CSA Z259.10, NFPA 1858 (depending on your use), and as specified by the manufacturers’ instructions. Making sure you inspect your gear before using it is critical.  Proper storage, use, and gear maintenance will help reduce costs and keep the equipment safe and reliable. Logs of your equipment when used, inspected, or when any maintenance is done to it is required.

Our certified inspectors will do the annual inspection (or more frequently if requested or required by the manufacturer’s instructions), keeping you compliant.

We do inspections and provide a professional service to clean and decontaminate your harnesses, lanyards, SRL, life safety ropes, webbing, carabiners, pullies, devices, other hardware, life-safety rope, and rope/gear bags.

All inspections and cleanings are recorded, your log books are updated, and a written report is provided.