Extinguishing Ornament: Effortless Festive Safety

Extinguishing Ornament in front of a fire truck
Extinguishing Ornaments

Helping protect what matters most during the holidays

*This is an automatic fire detection and suppression device.

When exposed to fire, the ball will sound a loud “bang,” alerting you to the fire, and release fire extinguishing powder to stop the spread of flames.

-Easy to install reusable bracket

-Lightweight at only 1.1lbs

-5 year lifespan and warranty

$35.00 each

Reasons to love the Extinguishing Ornament:

  1. Effortless Protection: No need to constantly monitor your tree. Our automatic fire sensor detects fire hazards and activates automatically to suppress flames, minimizing damage and potential injuries.

  2. Fast and Effective: Equipped with fire-fighting extinguishing powder, our extinguisher swiftly extinguishes flames, preventing them from spreading and causing further harm.

  3. User-Friendly Design: Simple installation and operation make it accessible to everyone. The discreet and sleek design seamlessly blends into your Christmas décor.

  4. Reliable Performance: Engineered with reliability in mind, our extinguisher undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it works flawlessly throughout the holiday season.

  5. Safety First: The rugged design protects the internal activation equipment, and is safe to be handled. 

  6. Versatile Application: Not just limited to Christmas trees, our extinguisher can also be used for other holiday decorations, including wreaths and garlands.