HEN Nozzles: Superior Fire Suppression

HEN Nozzles: Adjustable SmoothBore Technology for Superior Fire Suppression

The only adjustable SmoothBore nozzles on the market, offering wide coverage, deep penetration, and enhanced safety in firefighting. Explore our innovative technology today.
HEN Nozzle spraying straight stream
HEN Nozzle spraying blade pattern


Discover the forefront of firefighting technology with HEN Nozzles – the exclusive adjustable SmoothBore nozzles in the market, seamlessly transitioning from a concentrated tight stream to a solid in-line blade pattern. Transform your firefighting capabilities with extensive coverage, deep penetration, and heightened safety. With various GPM settings, HEN Nozzles not only conserve water but also redefine superior fire suppression. In response to the increasing global threat of wildfires, HEN Nozzles Inc. introduces a revolutionary advancement in firefighting technology. Developed under the National Science Foundation SBIR project, HEN Nozzles utilize fluid dynamics principles to optimize fire suppression rates, addressing the urgent need for a more efficient approach to combat wildfires. Born from innovative fluid dynamics research, HEN Nozzles emerge as indispensable tools for both residential and wildland firefighting, offering pioneering solutions to enhance the effectiveness of fire suppression efforts.

HEN Nozzles: Advancing Fire Suppression with Innovative Fluid Dynamics


  1. Fast and Efficient Suppression: HEN Nozzles demonstrate up to three times faster suppression rates, crucial for containing fires swiftly and minimizing property damage.
  2. Water Conservation: With the ability to operate at significantly lower flow rates, HEN Nozzles conserve water, essential in areas with limited water supply.
  3. Adjustable Stream Geometry: The HEN Adjustable SmoothBore Nozzle allows for seamless transition between a tight stream and a wide “blade” pattern, providing versatility to tackle for different firefighting scenarios.
  4. Large Droplet Size: HEN’s solid stream, composed of large droplets, is more stable in high-wind conditions, ensuring effective firefighting even in challenging weather.
  5. Ease of Use: The simplicity of the quarter-turn adjustment makes HEN Nozzles user-friendly, enabling firefighters to respond rapidly and effectively to residential fire emergencies.


Conclusion: HEN Nozzles represent a paradigm shift in firefighting efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge fluid dynamics to enhance the capabilities of existing equipment. With faster suppression rates, water conservation, and an adaptable design, HEN Nozzles equip firefighters to address evolving challenges posed by wildfires, ultimately contributing to the containment and prevention of extensive property damage. View live fire tests and flow demonstrations at HEN Nozzles.

HEN Nozzle comparing straight steams 600x324
HEN Nozzle comparing wide stream 600x324
HEN Nozzle wildland straight stream 600x324
HEN Nozzle wildland blade pattern 600x320
HEN Nozzle Blade-150GPM at 75 psi-1.5 NH Nozzle

HEN Nozzle

Available in flow rates of 75 lpm to 969 lpm (20 gpm to 256 gpm) and in NH and NPSH Threads

HEN Nozzle Hydro 100 Shutoff

Hydro Series Shutoff

High durability shutoff with world’s first stainless steel gate-ball valve, ergonomically designed for superior flow

HEN Nozzle Blade 150 with Hydroflow shutoff

Pistol Grip

Add-on these pistol grips to our Hydro Shutoff Valves for optimal performance.