HEN Nozzles

HEN Nozzles: Transforming firefighting with cutting-edge Adjustable SmoothBore technology. Seamlessly switch from a tight stream to a blade pattern for wide coverage, deep penetration, and water conservation. Elevate your firefighting capabilities with HEN Nozzles – the game-changer in fire suppression.


Superior Fire Suppression


HEN’s patented SmoothBore technology is designed for superior fire suppression. Whether it’s an aggressive interior structure attack or progressive wildland hose lead, HEN’S superior water placement suppresses fire faster, hence conserving water.

It is the only adjustable SmoothBore nozzle that allows you to go from a solid tight stream to a solid in-line blade pattern. Available in various GPM settings ranging from 20 to 300 GPM.

HEN Nozzles represent a groundbreaking advancement in firefighting technology. These adjustable SmoothBore nozzles seamlessly transition from a concentrated tight stream to a solid in-line blade pattern, providing unparalleled versatility in firefighting scenarios. Developed under the National Science Foundation SBIR project, HEN Nozzles utilize fluid dynamics principles to optimize fire suppression rates. With features such as wide coverage, deep penetration, and an ability to conserve water, HEN Nozzles are a game-changer in the industry. They have garnered attention for their effectiveness in both residential and wildland firefighting. Ray McMormack, known for his straightforward approach, recognizes HEN Nozzles as a critical tool for enhancing firefighting capabilities.


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