Response Vehicle Deep Cleaning

Emergency Response Vehicle Deep Cleaning

Health hazards can build up inside your units, whether contamination from fires, hazmat, or medical calls. Keeping your vehicles clean from dirt, contaminates, and odor free is a task that needs to be done. Improve your safety and health as well as others; call us for prices or booking.
Our professional Response Vehicle Deep Cleaning service follows AHS EMS Vehicle Cleaning and Disinfecting Policy and Procedures and best practices. We always provide excellent and reliable results with our experience and use of a proven, effective, safe, and none corrosive product.
Our service removes contaminants and odors and provides a very high level of disinfecting to all surfaces (including the HVAC system).
While regular cleaning is done after every call, it is recommended to have a professional deep cleaning service done every 6 months or more often if required. All cleanings are documented, and records are maintained.
We can even clean and disinfect medical bags and other equipment.