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Firefighter Bunker Gear Maintenance

Your gear must be cleaned professionally and inspected regularly; contaminants such as toxic chemicals, bacteria, hydrocarbons, soot, bodily fluid, and even dirt risk your health and safety.

Coming Soon!  We inspect, clean, and repair your gear in our maintenance program to help reduce your risks. 

Disinfecting and Deodorizing Office and Living areas

killing harmful viruses or bacteria, neutralizing chemicals, and having a clean-smelling environment.

Our services are effective and safe, cover all the small hard-to-reach areas as well as the total HVAC system.

Decon7 fogging application
Emergency Vehicle Deep Cleaning

Emergency Response Vehicle Deep Cleaning

Ambulance settings can be a breeding ground for germs and infectious diseases. Harmful pathogens and bacteria in healthcare facilities severely threaten patients and healthcare workers. Therefore, it is essential to ensure these facilities are regularly cleaned and disinfected to prevent the spreading of health hazards.

We clean, disinfect, and deodorize your work areas to help reduce the patients’ and your risks. 

High-angle Rescue Ropes and Equipment Maintenance

Life safety Rescue Equipment is essential so that it never fails.  Regular inspections of ropes, harnesses, and hardware are vital to your safety.  Logs must be kept, but part of your regular maintenance should be cleaning all your equipment, including your gear bags.  Dirt reduces service life and causes damage; contaminants need to be removed.

We inspect, clean, and complete logs anytime we service your gear. 

High Angle Rescue, Rope Access, Fall Protection Equipment
air respirator cleaning services fort mcmurray

Air Respirator Disinfecting and Cleaning

Professional cleaning and disinfection of air respirators involve using specialized equipment and cleaning agents to remove dirt, debris, and contaminants from the respirator. This helps maintain the respirator’s quality and prevents harmful microorganisms’ growth.

We inspect, clean, and disinfect your SCBA Packs, PARP, and Air Respirator masks. 

Sports Gear Cleaning

Bromidrosis mainly causes the offensive odours you smell on Sports gear.  This bacteria on your equipment feeds on old sweat, dead skin, and body secretions. This can lead to other health diseases and are a breeding ground for bacteria, moulds, and fungus. There can be over a million living organisms in the average set of hockey gear.

Not only do we deodourize and disinfect your sports gear, but we also clean the gear.

Syncrude Suncor Hockey Challange